” I started the Swedish classes so I could learn Swedish and have the option of working and living in Sweden and other Scandinavian countries. The courses are really good, small class sizes so everyone can ask questions and get extra help from the tutor whenever it’s needed. We also get to practice speaking and learn proper grammar and word pronunciation.” Ufuoma Agadumo

AnnabellaI recommend Coridis Care, because Monica is an excellent teacher. She is very thorough and patient. She plans the lessons well and her homework is relevant and helps to firm up what we have learnt in each lesson. Her lessons are enjoyable and full of different exercises so that in each one we have excellent elements of listening, speaking and reading. Also, she has a very clear idea on what her students’ needs are. She makes the class interesting and funny. I really enjoyed this module and I have learned a lot. She always makes sure the class understands everything and she prepares very interesting excercises for revisions. It was a really good balance of grammar, vocabulary, speaking and listening activities. I particularly enjoyed her ability to follow and control tangential topics and she was very patient with writing all phrases up on the white board. We were all tired from work/university, but she can hold our attention for 2 hours and ensures that we all participate. She is particularly good at encouraging everyone to speak without fear of pressure or ridicule.” Annabella Berekmeri